Meet the World’s Most Versatile EQT BIKE

Meet the World’s Most Versatile EQT BIKE

EQTBike’s main advantages compared with similar products of other brands:


EQTBike          VS          ***Bike

1 . EQTBike :The main box is made by stainless steel, easy to clean, heat-resistant, oil-resistant

2. Food-grade safety water pump: safety and environmental protection

3. EQTBike Frame: high-quality steel, good load-bearing performance, not easy to bend and deform

4. Electric control plug, in line with national safety production standards

5. Integrated design, fashion appearance

1 . Box made by ordinary plywood material, easy to crack, not heat-resistant, not easy to clean

2. Industrial plastic water pump, toxic, harmful to health                                            .

3. Ordinary steel, easy to bend deformation, poor load-bearing performance                                         .

4. General quality, safety without guarantee                                              .

5. Product appearance is rough, not good-looking, no highlights



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