Utility, Functionality, and Capacity

Utility, Functionality, and Capacity

Unlike most billboard and adbikes, ours work. We offer a front load cargo box that can be outfitted to carry your message. Our specialty is in building easy to pedal, compact advertising bikes with utility, functionality, and capacity.

Utility and functionality to show off what your company does and how it’s done.

Icicle Tricycles’ experiential marketing bikes are compact and efficient. They are slim enough to roll through ADA standard door and hallways, as well perfectly sized to ride comfortably in the bike lane.

Pedal out to sporting events, arenas, festivals, farmers markets, fairs, or other large events. Why be stuck in a parking lot, or other static locations, when you can roll directly to potential customers!

Be it New York, San Francisco, Chicago, LA, Washington DC, or any other concentrated foot-traffic area, your company message can be delivered directly to, through, in, out, and literally around your advertising base!

Icicle Tricycles has all your marketing, adbike, and billboard bike needs covered in house. With a dedicated and passionate marketing and design team, Icicle Tricycles helps in every step of the process from creative dreaming to delivery! Contact us today to get your experiential marketing!

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