EQT Food Bike Is A Mature, Very Attractive Model.

EQT Food Bike Is A Mature, Very Attractive Model.

After years of development  food bike has evolved into a mature, very attractive model. The EQT food bike makes it possible to transport food without carbon emissions and unique displays.

Our food bikes have developed a variety of functions, not only to transport and store food, but also to create fresh food on the cabinet console, such as coffee, hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled chicken wings, etc.

Last year we participated in many large-scale events such as the Baking Exhibition, Coffee Show and Nautilus Market. This year we participated in the largest bicycle show in North America.

We are very happy that we are able to carry out more and more activities. We hope to attract more and more people interested in food bikes to join us and work with us to seek greater development in the food bicycle industry.


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