What does EQTBike stand for?

What does EQTBike stand for?

EQTBike stands for:

1. Product quality
EQTBike stands for high quality to-go products. The body of bicycles are made of the world’s top accessories to fully improve the riding experience and guarantee the safety factor.

2. Mobility
There are many advantages from the EQTBike’s mobility. Customers are thrilled about the EQTBike’s flexibility.Super multi-functional , a variety of combination accessories, so that a bicycle has unlimited possibilities, whether it is on the street or in the mall can attract people’s curiosity.

3. Entrepreneurship
Many people dream of owning their own café or small corner shop – often, however, this dream cannot be achieved due to lack of equity. The EQT Bike enables you to operate your own business on three wheels – without fixed costs and large initial investments.

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