Introducing The EQT Coffee Bike

Introducing The EQT Coffee Bike

For the ultimate in Eco-friendly mobile coffee, Exclusive to Coffee is the fantastic Mobile Coffee Trike. You’ll find zero carbon foot prints here, just freshly roasted Italian coffee.

Innovative design, high-quality accessories perfectly match the various coffee machine models, making the operation more convenient and instantly enjoying the concentrated coffee. Not only your coffee, but also your leisure time.

* Is about as Eco-friendly as you can get
* Zero Carbon Emissions
* Easy Access to Pedestrian Zones
* Will reach places other Coffee Carts can only dream of
* It is Totally 100% Unique and Exclusive

Super multi-functional , a variety of combination accessories, so that a bicycle has unlimited possibilities, whether it is on the street or in the mall can attract people’s curiosity.

we are rapidly developing more models, such as coffee bikes,beer bike,snakes bike,icecream bike,vending bike,Hotdog bike , eqtea bike.

If you are interested in our EQTBIKE, please contact us if you want to develop in the food and beverage industry.

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