Drinking coffee is often seen as a way of life rather than just a mere drink, and selling from a coffee bike helps you capitalise on this market.

With these coffee bikes you can capitalise on people who want to grab a coffee on the go. Whether walking between shops or on a busy lunch break, the mobility of a coffee bike allows you to put your tricycle where the demand is.

By positioning it near a train station for the morning rush-hour, outside a large office at lunchtime or near a park on a crisp winters weekend morning; this mobile coffee shop bike provide a real business opportunity.Of course, you can park your bicycle anywhere you want to get close to the consumers, such as shopping malls, railway stations, gate of scenic spots, subway stations and so on.

Our EQT coffee tricycles are fully custom made to each individual customer’s requirements. We can make your tricycle as unique as you require making your business stand out from the crowd as much as possible. Other custom work can be carried out by myself such as straps for gas bottles, extra shelving, larger or smaller vending units etc. Just drop me an email or phone to discuss your project.

The tricycles can display your own livery and logos incorporating matching product prices advertising boards and branded parasols.


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