EQT Cargo Bike-‘last mile’ deliveries

EQT Cargo Bike-‘last mile’ deliveries

As the variety of transportation vehicles increases, traditional cargo trikes are becoming more popular as a means of transporting goods and products in cities and rural areas.

The EQT cargo trike is our best selling model due to the range of applications that it can be used for.  With its proven frame design and tough marine grade cargo box construction.


1.CE approved : EQT cargo bikes are fully assembled and tested prior to shipping.

2.Integrated design :The first line current electrical integration design, a set of power system to meet the power of the vehicle

3.Large storage : Multiple storage Spaces to meet a large number of beer storage needs.
4.Wide range of applications : From cafe owners who want to expand their business to offer lunchtime deliveries, eco-friendly tradesman who need a convenient alternative to a work van, through to allotment gardeners and couriers.


Power system

High quality accessories for big brands ,Shimano 6 gear shift, 6 gears, KMC chain, Kenda tire, make cycling more comfortable and simple

Bike can be equipped with high standard battery, bicycle second transformer High specification battery configuration, full load can travel 40 kilometers, travel more convenient

Structural system

1.The frame is strong and the bearing capacity is strong

The standard version of the EQT trike can carry 100kg while the heavy duty version can carry 180kg.

2. The cargo box is wear-resistant, durable and large in capacity

The hard wearing marine plywood construction of the cargo box will provide many years of service and comes in a standard size of 1200mm long x 600mm wide x 600mm high.

 if you need an alternative size and arrangement of cargo box then simply contact me for further details.

3.Low center of gravity easy to balance, easy to ride

The low center of gravity means stable handling.  It’s easy to balance.


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