6 Reasons Why Cargo Bikes Are Better

6 Reasons Why Cargo Bikes Are Better

In many cities, the idea of bicycle couriers is getting more and more popular. At first glance, it doesn’t seem all that practical; bikes are small and compact, and run on pedalling power.

How useful can they be for deliveries? But EQT bike has proven they are just as effective for deliveries as cars.You see, there’s a neat little thing called a cargo bike. It’s a bicycle designed for carrying cargo.

1 – Cargo bikes can handle almost anything

You would think that a bicycle delivery service would only be able to handle small loads. But actually bike couriers can carry loads over 200kg without any problems.

2 –Cargo bikes are good for traffic

Replacing the many trucks on the road with cargo bikes will reduce the load on traffic in the city.

3 –Cargo bikes are cheaper

A bicycle costs way less than a delivery truck. And that’s just with upfront costs.

4 –Cargo bikes good for the environment

At this point it really doesn’t even need to be said, but no matter how obvious, it’s one of the most crucial advantages bikes have over cars. Bikes are good for the environment.

5 – Its convenient

Many places that use bicycle couriers in the city promise same-day delivery, which is pretty awesome on its own, but there’s plenty of other little things that makes them extremely convenient.

6 – It’s fun

This is one of the best reasons; on top of all the benefits cargo bikes offer the city, it’s also a fun job to have. Cycling is a fun activity that is great for the body.

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