EQTBIKE – A World-Class Production and Service Provider

EQTBIKE – A World-Class Production and Service Provider

Our products are constantly updated and optimized, and our services are perfect.

The Whole Bicycle Design

We exclusively customize the appearance of bicycle body , to making sure every bicycle is unique yours.

Functions Developing

According to your specific requirements, we will carry out technical developing of vehicles, improve the function of the bicycle body, and guarantee the most convenient vending experience.


The perfect system for storage space inside bicycle body, transportation, food & drink cooking,  which fully meets the operational management needs of “one person, one bicycle, is one shop”.

Supply Chain:

The world’s leading manufacturing factory with standard production, and global supply chain, which guarantee EQT bikes are sold all over the world.

Shanghai Begin Network Technology Co., Ltd
Adress: Room 1209, building No. 5, Jinsha River Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China

Email: info@eqtbike.com

Cell / WhatsApp / Wechat: +86-18016066902

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